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PC/Laptop Inspection & Update

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1. Visually Inspect Computer

Check computer case for damage, and check all external cables connected to computer.

2. Check Fans and Wiring

Check that all fans are working, and all internal cables plus wiring are connected correctly, then clean system as required.

3. Check Input Output (Sound, Video etc.) Cards and RAM Memory Chips

Check that all cards and RAM memory chips are installed properly.

4. Check System for Disk Errors

Run diagnostic software, to diagnose any problems with hard disk drive, and repair.

5. Check System for Windows Operating System Errors

Run diagnostic software, to check for any errors on the windows operating system, and repair.

6. Check System for Internet Spying Software

Check for programs that report back to Internet sites containing personal information,

E.g. the web sites you visit, your name, your e-mail address, where you are located etc. and remove them.

7. Check Anti-Virus Definitions And Security Software (Firewall)
Check that your anti-virus definitions and security software (firewall) are up to date.
8. Run Anti-Virus and Security Software (Firewall) Updates
If required, update your anti-virus definitions and security programs.
9. Check System For Viruses & Malware
Run cleaning software to check system for viruses and remove if found.
10. Check For Windows/Microsoft Updates
Check Windows & Microsoft sites, to determine if you have the most recent service packages, install any updates.
11. Check For Program Updates
Check your other software to determine if you have the most recent programs, install any updates.
12. Run Disk Defragmenter
Defragment your hard disk drive to enhance system performance.
13. Recheck System For Disk Errors

Run diagnostic software to diagnose any problems with hard disk drive, and repair.
14. Recheck System For Windows Operating System Errors
Run windows diagnostic software to check for any repeating errors, and repair.
15. Check Network Connections
We make sure that your internet connection is stable and secure.
16. Check Printers and Peripherals (On Site)
Test printers etc. to ensure for correct operation.
17. Recommendations
Make recommendations to customer, to improve their computing experience.

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